Why I Cycle for Shelter





I've been participating in Cycle for Shelter since 2012. First and foremost, I'm helping to raise money to provide services for those that need a helping hand and not just a handout. Second, I like to ride bicycles long distances and Cycle for Shelter affords me the opportunity to do that with a well-structured and supported ride. The fact that I can do my part, ride with others that share my passion, have fun, and celebrate after the ride as one big happy family makes it an all-around great day. Emmaus Inc. and Cycle for Shelter...Good people helping good people!

--George Traigou, 100-mile cyclist










Life can be difficult enough; no one should have to worry about having a safe, clean place to sleep.


--Sarah Weaver, 40-mile cyclist pictured here in the purple shirt with the members of her team, High Vibration Wellness.






I participate because I want to help the homeless in my community and Emmaus is a trustworthy organization supplying programs and help. I like that all of the money raised goes directly to help. The day of the cycle the participants have the best support. I feel safe as I ride this event and the after party is amazing!

--Sue Cullen, 40-mile Cyclist and Team Captain


Emmaus does such great work addressing homelessness in the community. I have ridden 27 out of the 30 rides and will continue to participate in Cycle for Shelter for as long as I can. It's a great cause.
---Bill Dumont, 40-mile Cyclist

I believe in the work Emmaus does to transform lives, to support individuals and families, and to combat the causes of homelessness in our communities. Theirs is a ministry of justice and compassion, and riding in this annual fundraiser allows me to make a small contribution to the cause.

--Susan Gleason, 62-mile cyclist, pictured below with her husband Charlie.






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