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2017 Cycle for Shelter

North Shore Cyclists

We are members of the North Shore Cyclists, a social bicycling club in the area. We specialize in hosting safe and beautiful rides. We sponsor rides every day of the week in season, as well as winter rides, training sessions, and various celebrations. Our premier ride is the Blazing Saddles Century, held on the 3rd Saturday of August, and our premier party is the annual banquet held in November. We would love to see you at our rides and social events! The rides and the camraderie is fantastic training for riding in the Cycle for Shelter!   Hillary Benson, President, North Shore Cyclists

North Shore Cyclists Raised
Hillary Benson $1,265.00
Nancy Adrian $840.00
Ray Best $250.00
Paula Bossone $480.00
Christopher Brown $250.00
Jim Bruynell $225.00
Lee Coddens $250.00
Lisa Deschenes $450.00
Sue Donovan $1,463.00
Joseph Geller $1,000.00
Gina Harrison $300.00
Joseph Hedrick $1,315.00
Jim Hollow $480.00
Gerard Hosman $300.00
Timothy Macdonald $250.00
Terry Morose $1,115.00
Karen Ontell $350.00
John Pegoraro $200.00
Michael Ross $1,000.00
Tony Salerno $325.00
Linda Samler $200.00
Neal Schuster $250.00
John Silva $1,020.00
Tom Skinner $250.00
Edward Stapel $375.00
Carla Stein $2,050.00
David Stein $1,125.00
Lisa Venditti $515.00
Jim White $315.00
Joel Zeigler $225.00
Team Gifts $270.00
Denotes a Team Captain