2019 Cycle for Shelter

High Vibration Wellness Inc.

Welcome Team High Vibration Wellness! 

I am excited for the opportunity to raise awareness and more money for Emmaus this year.  We have the opportunity to help our community substantially and they need us. 

This year we will have fun training, getting in shape and protecting and preventing many major health concerns. Being a participant in the CFS raises your wellness in all areas.  Your connection to spirit is enhanced as you ride for a purpose higher than your own self interest. 

This year we will have more team members.  I suggest starting now to ask friends, coworkers, family and people in our community.   When all have one more person join our team will double! 

We are a creative bunch that like to have fun so lets create fundraising events that are easy and different.  Start compiling your list of ideas!

In light and love,

Sue Cullen


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